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Advice for A’s: Home

Tips for earning A's in college.

Study, study, study!

For every hour spent in class, plan on spending 1.5 hours to 2 hours studying. A three-credit hour class will require 4.5 hours to 6 hours of studying per week.


  • The first week of the class will not be indicative of how much time you will need to spend studying. 
  • Establish your study habits early.  By the fourth week, your workload for each class will increase.
  • Create a master schedule.

Balance, balance, balance!

Finding a balance between homework, classes, wellness, sleep, work, and fun time will be important.  Establishing priorities, setting goals and creating schedules will be important.  Working out, eating healthy, and getting plenty of sleep will help reduce stress and will help you focus when in class and studying.


  • Student Life office has free academic planners – go get one! 
  • Use the Physical Education Complex – it is free! 
  • Need to de-stress – see one of the counselors in the Counseling & Campus Wellness Center at no charge.  


Reading, writing, thinking!

You will have to read.  You will have to write.  You will have to critically think. 


  • Reading a college textbook is different than reading leisurely. 
  • Be an active reader – write in your books – make notes, write questions, talk to the author. 
  • Write at least two drafts on any assignment.
  • Be an active listener in class.


Organize, organize, organize!

Having your notes, books, handouts and other materials organized will save you time and effort.


  • Dedicate a three-ring binder for each course so you can coordinate class materials, handouts, and notes.
  • Date all material. 
  • Prioritize your studying schedule daily.


Some portions excerpted from the University of Wyoming website.