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Quotation Marks: Home

Use quotation marks when quoting sources in a research paper


Use quotation marks for short word-for-word quotations from research sources:

Note: In MLA style and Chicago style, a short quote is under five lines long; in APA style a short quote is under 40 words long.

Use quotation marks for titles of short works

Use quotation marks for titles of short works or portions of larger works, such as stories, poems, articles in periodicals or on websites, encyclopedia entries, book chapters, songs on an album, episodes in a television series, etc.:

Use quotation marks when writing dialogue

Use quotation marks when reproducing the exact words of a speaker:

Note: Do not use quotation marks when summarizing or paraphrasing:


Use single quotation marks for quotations within quotations

Use single quotation marks (apostrophes used as quotation marks) for a quotation within a quotation:

Punctuation with Quotation Marks

Punctuation following any material contained within quotation marks may be placed inside the end quote or outside the end quote, depending on what the punctuation is: