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Ludden Library Policies: Home

Library policies and guidelines

LCCC Ludden Library Mission and Vision

            The LCCC Library is a dynamic learning environment which provides a gateway to global information resources for students, faculty, staff and the greater community. Through instruction, curricular support and research assistance, the Library fosters intellectual growth, personal inquiry, information literacy and critical thinking.

            The LCCC Library will strive to integrate print and electronic resources, technology, services, and knowledgeable staff to support the college’s curricular and instructional programs.  It will focus on enhancing services for its users in a technological environment that is accessible, meaningful and intuitive regardless of the user’s location.  The Library is a state of the art “information commons” for student learning and faculty development in a fully networked information environment.  The physical facility is a vibrant, inviting, aesthetically pleasing gathering place that supports active teaching and learning, personal inquiry, collaboration and information literacy.

Ludden Library Customer Service Expectations

Our staff endeavors to provide excellent customer service through the items outlined below:



  • be visible, approachable, proactive, and ready to assist
    • always greet anyone approaching the desk no matter what you are working on
    • don’t be so absorbed in a project that you cannot notice when someone is approaching the desk
    • watch for customers who need help
  • actively listen to the customer’s query
  • acknowledge waiting customers, call for backup if there is a line forming


  • respect customer’s privacy; this includes their personal information as well as the subject of their research or library materials borrowed
  • display neutrality regardless of topic or request
  • be patient with customers who need additional assistance and provide services to meet their individual needs
  • avoid or explain library/college jargon or acronyms

Evaluate and clarify

  • restate the customer’s question
  • ask open ended questions about information and resource needs
  • clarify the customer’s expectations and desired outcomes
  • recognize unique needs that will impact how the service is delivered (e.g. location, disability, status, affiliation, language skills, etc.)
  • request additional assistance if necessary
  • acknowledge complaints and suggest next steps, including lodging a complaint


  • check back with the customer to let them know we are still working on their request
  • acknowledge a customer’s concerns and feedback
  • understand the role and responsibility of your position and limits of your knowledge, refer users to the appropriate staff or other campus or community agencies as needed
  • make referrals by contacting the referral to verify availability and giving the customer the referral’s name and contact information

Follow Up

  • verify that the question has been answered in full; however, if the customer’s question cannot be answered in full, let them know what is possible and why
  • encourage customers to return if they need more help
  • ask if there is anything else we can help with
  • provide contact information if customer has additional questions
  • thank customer for using library services

If the library has not provided service that meets or exceeds expectations, or for any other feedback, please contact us: or 307-778-1278