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International Business: Websites

This guide includes the required resource list for your Country Research Paper, plus help with MLA citations.

Reliable Websites

Nations of the World
Click on your nation’s name, and then use the links to a collection of good websites about your country. Includes constitutional information.

CIA World Factbook
Government publication (CIA) with basic info; includes a map. May include trade information.

Background Notes
Organized on the U.S. Department of State’s homepage by region and country.  Cultural and social practices are emphasized; written by staff living in these foreign countries. Also includes brief history, description of economic analysis, summary of relations with that country in about 7 pages.

BBC News Country Profiles
Developed by the British Broadcasting Corporation, these brief profiles will provide another perspective and contain connections to key stories, analysis as well as an overview of the country, general facts, focus on leaders and media. Printout for each country is about four pages in length.

Country Commercial Guides, U.S. Dept. of Commerce
Comprehensive view of the country’s commercial environment using economic, political and market analysis prepared by U.S. embassies. Select your country and change the default report type to “Country Commercial Guides.” Included in this very long report are: a summary, economic trends and prospects for major sales, political environment, advice on marketing U.S. products and leading sectors for trade, trade events, and significant investment opportunities all of which are supported by analysis and statistics.

Country Studies
Published by the Library of Congress, these are books, with access by chapters, written by authorities on these countries; some countries have recently been updated.

International Organizations