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English 1010 Research Guide: Exercise / Web sites

This guide is intended to help students in ENGL 1010 identify and learn how to get started using library databases for academic research. The library catalog and some of our most popular multidisciplinary databases are covered.

Test Yourself

A good way to evaluate web sites is by using the 5 W's (who, when, where, why, and whatever).

Test Yourself
True: 2 votes (33.33%)
False: 0 votes (0%)
what NOT whatever: 4 votes (66.67%)
Total Votes: 6

Test Yourself

How often is this web site updated?

Test Yourself
Daily: 2 votes (40%)
Yearly: 0 votes (0%)
Continuously throughout the day: 3 votes (60%)
Total Votes: 5

Test Yourself

Which of the following could be authors of the web site


Test Yourself
A subject expert: 0 votes (0%)
The person sitting next to you: 0 votes (0%)
All of the above: 5 votes (100%)
Total Votes: 5

Reference Librarians

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