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RefWorks: Video Guides

How to get started with RefWorks to manage your research and citations online.

How-To Videos


Adding references with "Export":

Adding references with "Save to RefWorks" browser button:

Creating a bibliography:

Organizing references with folders:

Adding references manually:

Linking to full text and adding files:

Why Cite?


  1. To avoid plagiarism (taking someone else's ideas without giving them credit)
    Besides being a lame thing to do, plagiarism is a serious academic offense. You could get an "F" on your paper, or worse.
  2. To lend credibility to your claims
    By citing your sources, you are showing that you did your research to support your argument. Wanna look credible and smart? Cite credible sources.
  3. To allow your readers to do further research
    Imagine that your readers are genuinely interested in your research topic. (Crazy, right?) They may want to expand their knowledge by referring to the sources you cited.