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Exam Lab: Policies

Exam Lab Policies

The Exam Lab administers make-up exams, exams for students with testing accommodations, exams from other institutions ($25 proctor charge), distance learning exams, and professional licensure and certification exams. Staffed by professional, non-student proctors, the Exam Lab schedules, administers, monitors, and regulates all examinations given. 

Please remember these general policies:

  • All test takers are expected to adhere to LCCC’s Student Code of Conduct. Talking is considered cheating. Students caught talking or cheating during testing may have their exam confiscated and the incident reported to their instructor.
  • When checking in, test takers must complete the Tester Information Form.  All students taking an LCCC exam will need to provide their instructor’s name, course name, course number, section number, and exam name.  All testers must also present a photo ID (driver’s license, student ID, etc.). Exam Lab personnel will not administer an exam to a student without a photo ID and complete course/exam information.
  • All fees are expected to be paid before a test taker begins an exam.  Cash, check and credit card are accepted.
  • Only exam takers are permitted in the Exam Lab; no children or unauthorized guests (persons meeting DSS identified needs, are excepted).
  • Cell phones and other technology, unless pre-approved, are not allowed. Turn off and stow in a locker all electronic devices, including watches and wearable technology (Apple Watch, etc.).
  • Hats, coats, scarves, gloves, backpacks, wallets, purses, keys, and all other personal items must be stowed in lockers.
  • Calculators and testing supplies, including approved note cards and formula sheets, will be examined before use.
  • Once an exam has started, students must remain in the Exam Lab until completion. Leaving the lab during the exam may result in termination of the exam.
  • Exams will not be started unless there is enough time allowed to complete the exam.  For example, if an exam is allowed two hours, it must be started at least two hours before closing time.
  • Food and drink are not allowed in the Exam Lab. Drinks can be left in the Exam Lab lobby.
  • Exams will be collected at closing time regardless of completion.
  • At the completion of the exam, sign out with the Exam Lab proctor. All scratch paper and testing materials must be turned in to the proctor. 


Policies for Instructors

The Exam Lab asks that instructors understand the following guidelines:

  • Please ask students to make an appointment for their exam with the Exam Lab.  Walk-ins are allowed, but appointments are preferred.  They can call 307-778-1274 or email
  • Exam Lab Test Forms are required for all LCCC exams. Instructors can find the electronic Exam Lab Test Form on Canvas under "Help" and "Faculty Resources Site" or here Exam Lab Request Form.
  • Requests should be received at least 48 hours prior to the start date to allow for deconflicting exam schedules.  
  • All requests are first come, first served.  The Exam Lab has limited space and will attempt to accommodate all requests, but instructors should be aware that occasionally, requests may need to be adjusted during high demand periods (i.e. midterms, finals, etc.)
  • It is recommended for instructors to provide a roster or testers either attached to or typed in the Exam Lab Test Form.
  • Instructors will determine the maximum time limits for exams. Students will be informed of the time limits, and the students’ start and end time for each exam will be recorded.
  • For all paper tests, instructors are responsible for printing and dropping off enough copies of the paper exam and any supplementary materials/reference sheets for all anticipated testers.
  • Please leave a minimum 48-hour testing window for students to complete your exam, so the Exam Lab can handle the testing demand.
  • Please submit the completed Exam Lab Test Form and copies of paper exams to the Exam Lab no less than one hour before the scheduled testing time.
  • Exam requests will not be accepted, or the exams administered, for whole classes that should be tested during regular class session, including midterms and finals. The Exam Lab is unable to accommodate that volume of testers at this time.
  • In the event of a testing irregularity or academic integrity concern, exams will be confiscated and returned with a written report to the instructor.
  • Instructors or their designated proxy may pick up completed exams from the Exam Lab at any point during or after the testing window.