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This guide is designed to help you find supporting evidence for your speech assignments in Crystal Stratton's public speaking course.

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Let's Get Started...

 DON'T GET GOOGLY-EYED! - Use REAL RESEARCH TOOLS !       This resource guide is designed to help you navigate the wealth of resources available at the Ludden Library as you research supporting materials for your speeches.  Please refer to the syllabus for specific assignment requirements regarding the number and type of resources that are valid.    Please note, electronic materials that you find in a library database, such as EbscoHost Academic Premier or CQ Researcher etc.,  are NOT considered websites.   Websites are those sites that you find from searching the open Internet via a search engine like Google.   I highly suggest that you use the library databases for your research, because it is usually easier, more efficient and you typically get higher quality resources rather than just surfing the web; plus most of the databases will suggest how to cite the sources. 

P.S.  Wikipedia note ---  While the librarians may not be Wikipedia haters - I highly recommend that you do not use this as a source.  I believe that for most topics there are far more credible sources to use.   When I hear a speaker quoting Wikipedia, I start questioning the quality of research and overall speaker credibility.  

 -- Crystal Stratton,  Instructor

Using Wikipedia for Research

Many of your instructors will have reservations about letting you use Wikipedia for your research and some may let you use it as long as you don't rely on it exclusively.  Here in the library we are not Wikipedia haters, but we do think there are some issues students need to be aware of when using this resource.  For a humorous look at the situation, check out the following video clip from The Colbert Report:

Don't Know Where to Start?

 Don't know where to start?   Click on one of the tabs above for help with the process from choosing your topic, developing your public speaking skills, to creating engaging visual aids.