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Welcome to the LCCC Student Success Center: Academic Success Resources

The Student Success Center (SSC) provides LCCC students with tutors and other valuable resources that can help make their college experience a success.

General Resources

Colorado State University – Online study skills resources, including links and handouts for study strategies, critical reading, learning preferences, active learning, time management, note-taking, and test-taking.  Subject-specific study resources are also available here.

Critical Thinking Community – an educational non-profit organization providing advice and techniques for improving critical thinking within education and everyday life.

Dartmouth Academic Skills Center – includes learning strategies videos, study skills handouts, and learning resource links to help students learn study strategies.

Khan Academy – an educational non-profit organization providing subject-specific guidance, including practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace. Math and the sciences, Computing, Econ., Finance, Humanities, Test Prep, etc.  

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Open Courseware – Free M.I.T. courses and study materials: video lectures, lecture notes, exams w/ solutions, assignments with solutions, etc.  From Biology, Math, and Career Development to Writing and Humanistic Studies.  Students can access all course materials. 

OpenCourseWare Consortium - community of hundreds of higher education institutions and associated organizations committed to advancing open education and its impact on global education.

OpenCourseWare Guide – links to free online courses and open courseware.

Penn State University – practical advice, handouts, and links for Reading Comprehension, Note Taking, Test Taking, Writing, Understanding Instead of Memorizing, Studying Math/Science, Working on Study/Learning Teams, and additional relevant study skills sites.

University of California-Berkley – advice on success strategies, including study tips, overcoming procrastination, effective listening, note-taking, and test-taking.

Virginia Tech – practical advice on a wide range of study skills, including concentration, time management, study environment, note-taking, and test-taking.

Subject-specific Materials and Links

*Remember to ask your instructors for terrific supplemental resources in their fields as well.


Math and the Sciences

Foreign Languages

Humanities and Social Sciences

Khan Academy

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Open Courseware 

OpenCourseWare Consortium

OpenCourseWare Guide

Study Skills

Critical Thinking & Active Learning

Learning Preferences

Memory & Concentration

Motivation and Stress Management


Reading Strategies


Time Management

ESL Guides

Ludden Library Databases

Writing and Communications Center

For help with writing and/or speech, please visit the Writing and Communications Center