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LCCC Archives: A Night with the Basque Sheepherders of Wyoming

The Basque Sheepherders of Wyoming

The Basque people came from a secluded section of Europe situated between the countries of France and Spain.  They immigrated to Wyoming at the turn of the 20th century and settled in and around the Buffalo, Wyoming area.  They became successful sheepherders and had integrated into American society relatively well.  Aside from their auspicious assimilation to the American economy and culture, the Basque-Americans retained many of their original cultural traditions.  Dancing and language are very important to the Basque-American population.  In 2005, Laramie County Community College Ludden Library hosted an event to celebrate this wonderful and rich community.  It was coined as An Evening of Diversity: The Basque Sheepherders of Wyoming.  


LL00653 This is the official flag of the Basque Country Autonomous of Spain.

Digital Scan LL00671

A postcard from the Evening of Diversity: The Basque Sheepherders of Wyoming

Digital Scan LL00662

Digital Scan LL0670III

Digital Scan LL00678

Digital Scan LL00658

Digital Scan LL00670II

Digital Scan LL00654

A large Basque-American sheep camp. 

Digital Scan LL00672

A postcard for a secondary event held the following year, The topic of the event covered more of the Basque homeland in Spain.

Digital Scan LL00670I