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General Health-Related Library Resources: Topic Shop

This guide will help you find academic journal articles, books and websites for research in the health sciences.

Finding a Topic

Finding a Topic for a Project

Finding a topic can be one of the hardest parts of a project!  These resources divide health topics up into big, broad categories. Click into a category and then browse the topics listed there to search for ones that interest you.  

Online Reference Topic Shopping Resources

Shop for a Topic in Online Reference Sources

These links will lead you to encyclopedias, a type of reference source.  They are a great place to shop for topics and to learn key terms related to the one you choose for your project.  You can then search for those terms in additional library databases.  Do NOT cite encyclopedia articles. They are considered introductory level resources and usually cannot appear on reference lists/bibliographies for college level papers.

Shop for a Topic

Shop for a Topic in an Article Database

Some articles from this database may be able to be cited in your paper/project. Check the source type against your professor's assignment description.


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