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Golden Eagle Wyrkshop - LCCC Ludden Library Makerspace: Prusa Mini

The Innovation Lab and creative space in the Ludden Library

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Weekly Prusa Prints

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Tips and tricks for Prusa mini printing

  • Do not touch the plate with your hands, the oils come off and can affect how the print sticks
  • Make sure that you hold the filament tight to the spool when unloading.  If the filament gets wrapped up in the spool, this can cause the spool to stop turning and there will be a failed print.
  • Make sure your filament is cut cleanly at a sharp angle (45-90°)
  • If you are using a file someone else created, read the tips and comments from other users.  They can guide you in settings and errors in the print.
  • To unload a spool of filament that has been sitting for awhile, turn the nozzle temperature to 230C and let it sit for ONLY 1-2 minutes before you unload.  It tends to help keep the inside of the nozzle cleaner and have less errors when unloading. 
  • Use supports when you have overhangs or steep angles
  • Have fun!  Get creative and try new things!! Don't be afraid to fail!



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Golden Eagle Wyrkshop Project Examples

3D printed Pikachu
3D printed BB8
Active 3D print
Active 3D print