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Golden Eagle Wyrkshop - LCCC Ludden Library Makerspace: Home

The Innovation Lab and creative space in the Ludden Library

Golden Eagle Wyrkshop

Dinosaur puzzle
Summer camp 2021 Halloween bag project
Halloween fall wood puzzle
Lego Robotics
Sticker on coffee mug
Sewing fun
3D printed Pikachu
3D printed NASA shuttle
house ornament
3D printed BB8
Students working on the Prusa mini 3D printers
Dinosaur brother kid shirts
sewing materials
3D printed 2 tone violin keychain
an outside in look at the Golden Eagle Wyrkshop
Glowforge Mandala Wall tile
heavy duty Singer sewing machine
Glowforge printing
Golden Eagle Wyrshop general space
basic singer sewing machine
Remains of a Glowforge print
3D printed Groot
Sewing fun
3D print in progress
Tug boat
3D cricut design
working on a Lego robot
3D printed purple bulldog
Golden Eagle Wyrkshop Cricut sign
Glowforge painted wall display
3D print in progress
3D printed sheep
Maker Badge wall, Laramie Innovation Wyrkshop
Glowforge in action
mask ear saver, created on the Glowforge
3D printed chihuahua Love
Glowforge Believe Butterfly
Cricut bag project
Glowforge Believe Butterfly
Prusa mini 3D printer
witch sticker on water bottle



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Maker Wyrkshops

Want to know more or get a tour of the space?  Check out our Golden Eagle Wyrkshop tours! Maker Wyrkshops are 30 - 90 minute classes where students and community members will all learn how to safely operate our maker tools and create a project designed by our senior makers.  Participants will earn their tool badges and leave with technical skills and the ability to create anytime!


Tool Badges

Each Badge will allow you to use tools across all the Wyoming Wyrkshop makerspaces.  Check out the Maker Access Pass!  Once you are registered for the Access Pass through the University of Wyoming, you will be able to earn badges and use any of the network makerspaces in Wyoming! 

Some courses are offered online while some are only offered at particular makerspaces.  Check the complete list for location availability to the courses you want to take!


Maker Hours

Maker hours are hours where there are no active courses in the Golden Eagle Wyrkshop area.  The Lab Instructor and Certified Makers (check out the Maker Access Pass to become a certified maker in the tools you want) will work on private projects.

Open Hours

Golden Eagle Wyrkshop general hours


Fall 2021 Hours (August 23 - December 17)

Monday - Thursday:  8 am - 9 pm

Friday: 8 am - 4 pm

Saturday:  10am - 4 pm

Sunday:  3pm - 7pm


The Golden Eagle Wyrkshop follows Ludden Library in-person hours - not all hours are staffed in the Golden Eagle Wyrkshop.


*For general hours and equipment use, you must have earned the Maker Access Pass for that equipment at any of the participating MAP makerspace or technology centers.  You must have also have a signed copy of the Golden Eagle Wyrshop User agreement on file.  See a staff member of the Golden Eagle Wyrkshop or check out the digital copy linked on this page. 

Golden Eagle Wyrkshop Staff

Linda Herget - Golden Eagle Wyrkshop Co-Coordinator

Linda is an avid sewer and quilter.  She is also the resident expert on the Cricket Maker!

Linda Herget

(307) 778-1278

Morgan Koenig - Golden Eagle Wyrkshop Co-Coordinator

Morgan is an accomplished photographer and crafter.  She focus' on landscape photography, creating jewelry, and home-made body products. Her expertise in the makerspace includes The Glowforge laser printer, FDM 3D printers, hand tools, and photoshop.

Morgan Koenig


Philip - Makerspace Team Leader

Philip is interested in lego robotics and all things technology-related.

Zoe - Volunteer teacher

Zoe is an avid sewer and is super excited to teach you beginning sewing projects.  She has been sewing for almost 13 years, particularly dresses and skirts with pockets.