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Learning Commons: Instructors


The Learning Commons is here to assist instructors as well as students.  We offer in-class workshops on study skills, test preparation strategies, paper formatting and much more!  Looking for consistent, reliable academic support for your course? Our Peer Assisted Study Session program offers semester-long engagement with a tutor who is with your students every step of the way.  Click below to learn more about the ways the LC can help.

PASS(Peer-Assisted Study Sessions)

Experience a supportive, exciting approach to learning: PASS offers the opportunity for your students to study the exact course material covered in class with experienced tutors and former students. PASS is limited to specific, historically-challenging courses here at LCCC.  If you are interested in setting up PASS support for your course, contact Jenna Groendal at or email us at

Writing & Success Skills Workshops

The Learning Commons is delighted to support faculty and help develop students' success skills and learning toolboxes through in-class and out-of-class workshops. 

You can request any combination of workshops for any length of time (though we encourage 45 min - 1 hour workshops for more class participation and activities). You can schedule  any of the workshops on the Writing and Success Skills Workshops Menu by filling out this request form. One of our tutors will reach out to you shortly!

Want a particular success skills or writing workshop but not seeing it on the menu? Contact the Learning Commons at with a description of what you are looking for, and we will develop a workshop around your request!

Other Information

Have other questions? For more information on our course enrichment options, to schedule a workshop, or to establish PASS support for your course, please contact Jenna Groendal ( or at your convenience.

Tutoring for Credit

Some instructors have found it useful to send their students to the Learning Commons for assistance with particular assignments, either as a requirement or for extra credit.  We welcome your class members and look forward to working with them.  If you would like to include an LC visit as part of one of your assignments, it would be a great help if you let us know in advance so we can ensure we have sufficient tutor coverage in your subject area.  Also, please keep in mind the following LC policies as you design your assignment

  • LC sessions are a maximum of 45 minutes long and must last a minimum of 15 minutes to be considered an official visit.
  • Individual tutors are asked not to contact instructors directly, but would be happy to sign a document confirming a student visit or take a screenshot from an online session for a student to serve as proof-of-session.
  • Writing Consultants do not provide editing services, but will be happy to talk with your students about fundamentals and provide resources to help students become stronger writers.