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Stress Management: AAABC's of Stress Management

A-Alter It

Alter the source of stress by changing something; problem solving, time management, organizing, and direct communication are ways of altering stress.

A-Avoid It

Avoid stress by leaving the situation or not getting in it from the jump.  Assertiveness, saying “no,” delegating, backing off, and realizing your limits are ways of avoiding stress.

A-Accept It

Accept stress through physical and mental preparation, so you can cope with it more effectively.

B-Building your Resistance

Physical – proper diet, regular exercise, drinking water


Mental – clarifying goals, values priorities, positive affirmations


Social – networking, maintaining support systems, clear communication, asking for help


Spiritual – meditation, prayer, worship, fellowship

C-Changing your Perception

Change your Perception by altering false beliefs, distortions, and unrealistic expectations and by reframing situations.