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Stress Management: Signs & Symptoms

Signs and Symptoms of Stress

Physical Emotional Spiritual Mental Relational/Social
appetite changes anxiety emptiness forgetfulness isolation
headaches frustration loss of meaning dull senses intolerance
tension the "blues" doubt low productivity resentment
fatigue/insomnia mood swings lack of forgiveness negative attitude loneliness
weight change bad temper martyrdom confusion lashing out
colds nightmares desire for magic lethargy hiding
muscle aches crying spells loss of direction whirling mind clamming up
digestive upsets irritability cynicism no new ideas lowered sex drive
pounding heart "no one cares" apathy boredom nagging
accident prone depression need to "prove" self spacing out distrust
teeth grinding nervous laughter feeling unloved negative self-talk lack of intimacy
rash worry unworthy poor concentration using people
foot tapping discouragement guilt   seeing friends less
finger drumming little joy      
increased alcohol/drug/tobacco use