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LCCC Employee Financial Wellness Resources: Welcome

Designed for LCCC Employees by the MyWellness Committee


Welcome to the Library's Guide for Employee Financial Wellness

This guide is designed for all LCCC faculty and staff. 

You can take some targeted steps to improve your sense of Financial Wellness. Take a look at the topics that interest you now, or come back later to learn more when the information is relevant in your life.

What do you need to accomplish?

Learn about financial literacy Learn About Financial Literacy
  • Learn what financial literacy is and why you should care. Includes links to find the information you need when you need it.
Create a budget Make a Spending Plan
  • Find resources for building your spending plan (budget) and controlling expenses.
credit Establish or Improve Your Credit
  • Learn how to check your credit score and improve your credit.
Find other websites icon Find Other Financial Resources
  • Find helpful resources to navigate banking, taxes, fraud and disasters, students loans and financial aid, and more.

Subject Guide

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Dana McCammon
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Reporting & Support Specialist, Institutional Research |

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