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LCCC Employee Financial Wellness Resources: More Resources

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Review your bank's online services and banking limitations.

  • Do they have an app that lets you turn off your debit/credit card to avoid fraud when it's missing?
  • Can you let them know you are traveling to another state/country so your purchases aren't flagged as fraudulent?
  • Are there limits on the number of monthly savings account transactions or daily debit/credit card purchases?
  • Do they offer credit card purchase protection?

Reduce bank fees and improve how your money works for you.
Compare terms at

Fraud and Scams

Know the signs and protect your family.
Losing money or property to scams and fraud can be devastating, and financial fraud has exploded since the pandemic. 

Consumer Finance Protection Bureau: Fraud Resources


It doesn't have to be scary. Learn the terminology and read information about tax decisions at The website has answers to many tax filing questions, and filing yourself is often easier than you think. Everyone can file federal taxes online for free, no matter your income or situation!

Don't fall for the vendor's tricks that lure you into paying. Always start at the IRS free file site. If you qualify, you may even be able to file with guided tax preparation. 

About Cryptocurrency

Your AFC® says "Cryptocurrency is volatile and regulation is lacking, so this speculative investment has much more risk than most stocks".

Do you want a better understanding of cryptocurrency? Here is an excellent article in the New York Times: The Latecomer's Guide to Crypto. It's long, but it's the first thing I've read that actually makes sense. It's also behind a paywall, but an online subscription is free to all LCCC employees and students through the Ludden Library.

Want even more? Here is a very popular video (2:18:22) called Line Goes Up - The Problem with NFTs. Both resources explain block chain technology, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and cryptocurrency.

Are your finances prepared for a disaster?

Consumer Finance Protection Bureau article
Preparing, recovering, and rebuilding after disasters and emergencies

BankRate article
How to financially prepare and recover from a natural disaster

Students Loans and Financial Aid

Are you thinking about going to college, are currently enrolled, want to help your child prepare for college, or have students loans? If you want facts about financial aid, you should go to the right source.

You or your child is in college or considering college:

Start with the Financial Aid office of the school(s) you or your child attends or plans to attend. Each school has a customized process and has the best information about how to get started. To better understand financial aid types and terminology, consider these resources:

Federal Student Aid office of the Department of Education
The authority on federal financial aid. Read about Types of Financial Aid for information to consider before taking out student loans. If you already have student loans, your repayment options may be rapidly changing due to politics and court decisions. This site has the most current information about loan repayment and forgiveness.

Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF)

Employees of LCCC qualify for this type of federal student loan forgiveness. The most current information is on this PSLF Help Tool.
This site was founded by a nationally recognized financial aid and college planning author Mark Kantrowitz as a public service and incudes useful calculators, information about scholarships and other non-federal financial aid, plus other tools.

More information for students:

Check out my LibGuide designed for students and the STRT class.

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Learn About Others

Personal finance is, well, personal. Learn how the financial resources and decisions may be different for those with backgrounds different from your own. Here are some resources:

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