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Writing Support: Tutoring Philosophy


REMEMBER: We don't edit; we teach.

What's the difference between working with one of our tutors vs. working with an editor? 


Writing Consultants Editors
Aim to help students improve overall competence, independence, and autonomy in the subject Aim to correct and perfect student work on individual assignments
Comment on the strength in student work and discuss opportunities for improvement without judgement Focus on errors or weak points and judge the effectiveness of the work
Ask exploratory questions intended to guide students in reflection on higher-order concerns, such as thesis, purpose, audience, genre, and meeting assignment expectations Focus primarily on lower-order concerns such as spelling, grammar and syntax
Guide students in the development and application of their won ideas Provide ideas and tell students how to incorporate them
Encourage students to take ownership of their work by taking notes throughout the session Mark "line-by-line" errors on student work
Guide students in identifying and correcting lower-order concerns, such as spelling, grammar, and syntax, and introduce students to resources for further reference and development of self-sufficiency in proofreading Correct errors without providing explanation or resources for further study
Guide students to develop revision plans and/or goals for future assignments or projects Create short-term revision plans for students to perfect one assignment or project