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Reference Sources

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Reference sources are a great place to start your research because they provide general information about MANY topics.

Reference sources:

  • Are a place to start NOT end your research and include items such encyclopedias, directories, and dictionaries.
  • Answer the basic who, what, when, where, and why questions about a topic.
  • Help you start learning vocabulary specific to a topic of interest for more advanced searching later.
  • Come in both print and eBook formats.
  • Are NOT peer-reviewed resources (except for UpToDate)!

Reference Sources

Reference Books to Start Your Research/Reading

These encyclopedias, dictionaries and textbooks offer basic overviews on a variety of topics.

  • Blue title links will open eBooks you can read right now (make sure you are logged in to myLCCC).

  • Bold, black titles are available in print. Stop by the library to check them out or call us to send them to you if you do not come to campus.

Encyclopedia Database

Gale eBooks

Search through 125 medical encyclopedias using Gale eBooks. Make sure you are logged in to myLCCC.


Special Database

UpToDate is a database that is used by medical professionals in the field to treat their patients.  The database allows practitioners to, "make real-time clinical decisions based on the most current evidence."

Search for diseases/disorders to find current practice standards and links to studies.  The database also contains information on drugs and drug interactions.