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Video Databases Technical Help: Kanopy

How to create your instructor account and load videos from some of the library's video databases into your online course

Kanopy Video Library

Kanopy has a purchasing model unlike most of our other library databases. Instead of a flat annual fee for unlimited use, Kanopy employs a pay-per-use model. Individual videos can be viewed up to three times for free, but once a fourth view happens, a purchase is triggered.

If you have any questions or feedback on Kanopy, please contact us!

Embedding Kanopy Videos

When you have found the video you want to share with your class, select the "Share" button.

Screenshot for how to copy Kanopy embed code

You can simply share the link, or you can tab over to the "Embed" code. Note that you can also select the size of the embedded video under "Options."

Then, simply copy and paste the code into the html editor (</>) on a Canvas page.

Screenshot for pasting embed code into Canvas