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Radiography Resources: Topic Shop

This guide will help you find library resources for students in the radiography program.

Reference Sources

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Not sure what to write about?  You are in the right spot!  These resources are great for browsing and finding topics of interest.

Browse Reference Sources

Reference Sources

Reference sources answer the basic who, what, where, and why questions about a topic. They can help you start learning vocabulary specific to a topic of interest for more advanced searching later. Browse through these books to look for topics of interest. These are not peer-reviewed resources! Do not use articles from these sources for your paper.   

Print Reference Titles

eBook Reference Titles

Run general searches (radiography, MRI, diagnostic imaging) and browse through the titles that pop up.

Browse Journal Article Titles

Browse Journals' Table of Contents

Browse the table of contents of journal issues to see if any of the article titles seem intriguing. These sources DO provide academic articles.  If you find a great article as you are searching for a topic, make sure to save it to use for your paper!

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