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Open Educational Resources (OER): OER Surveys

Student Survey Results

A survey of LCCC students was posted in Canvas in Fall of 2020. Below are the results.

Total responses: 163

Full-time students: 122
Part-time: 41

Question: How much did you spend on textbooks this fall semester at LCCC?

Question: If your course textbook were offered as a digital edition for free, would you also like a low cost (under $30) printed copy?

Yes: 126
No: 37

Question: Have you ever experienced any of the following? Check all that apply.

  • Did not purchase a required textbook because I could not afford it
  • Avoided taking a class because the cost of textbooks was too high
  • Postposed getting a textbook due to financial aid delays
  • None of the above apply

Question: Some classes require the purchase of an access code to do your homework. What has been your experience with access codes?

  • I have not used an access code
  • I found the course material provided by the access code useful and worth the added expense
  • I found the learning platform useful; however, the expense created a financial hardship for me
  • I did not find the learning platform useful

Question: Please rank the following in order of importance.

  • Inexpensive or free textbooks
  • Textbooks available in printed format
  • Added features like online flashcards or videos
  • Instant feedback for online homework
  • Textbooks with high quality content that supports classwork

Faculty Survey Results

In Fall 2020, the Wyoming Community College Commission conducted a survey on faculty awareness of OER. Below are responses from 49 LCCC faculty.