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Strategies for Success: Evaluating Web Sources

A research guide for STRT 1000, designed to be delivered during a synchronous Zoom instruction session with a librarian

Evaluating Web Sources

Visit these three websites and assess their credibility. 

1. Employment Policies Institute

Would you use the Employment Policies Institute in your college research paper?
Yes: 48 votes (32.43%)
No: 43 votes (29.05%)
Maybe: 57 votes (38.51%)
Total Votes: 148
Would you use Food Babe as a source?
Yes: 9 votes (6.16%)
No: 124 votes (84.93%)
Maybe: 13 votes (8.9%)
Total Votes: 146
Would you use this Nature article?
Yes: 88 votes (69.84%)
No: 14 votes (11.11%)
Maybe: 24 votes (19.05%)
Total Votes: 126