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Strategies for Success: Assignment

A research guide for STRT 1000, designed to be delivered during a synchronous Zoom instruction session with a librarian

Complete Your Information Literacy Assignment

Download and Complete the Document Below

Research Planning

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Conducting Your Own Source Evaluation

Ask Yourself...

Is this a trustworthy source or and accurate piece of information? How do I know?

Do I know the name of the organization or author behind this website or piece of information?

Have I conducted a search for more information about the organization or author publishing this website or piece of information?

Have I verified the background of the organization or author with outside sources?

If yes, what did these sources tell me? Do I know who funds the organization behind this site or information, who provides its funding, or what their mission is?

What sources did I use for verification? (Did I record the names of additional sites visited and the information I got from them?)

If I have found information on a particular person or organization on Wikipedia or a snippet in a Google search, have I opened other respected sources to verify the information?

Project Outcome Links

Exit Survey

Please take the exit survey for your STRT class!  Thank you!