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Exam Lab: Other Testing

Distance Learning Examinations

The Exam Labs offers testing for other institutions.  Students from the University of Wyoming and all Wyoming community colleges can test in the exam lab for no additional charge.  Students from other institutions must pay a $25 proctor fee by cash, check or credit card.  

All distance learning proctoring must be done by appointment.  Students can email the Exam Lab at Exam Lab or call 307-778-1274 to make an appointment.  This should be done as early as possible because some institutions require proctor certification before they will allow a student to test in the Exam Lab.  

PSI Testing

The Cheyenne Exam Lab offers a variety testing from PSI. Testers will purchase their exams through PSI and select Laramie County Community College as their testing location. PSI exams are given in the Exam Lab, Room 119 in the Pathfinder Building, Monday through Friday during normal business hours. Testers should read their confirmation email from PSI to understand what is needed to check-in for their tests and what, if any, resources are allowed during testing.

ASE Certification Testing

The Exam Lab now offers ASE Automotive Certification testing.  Those wishing to go through ASE Certification Testing should register at the ASE Website and select the Laramie County Community College as the Testing Center.  You do not need to bring your confirmation email with you on testing day, you only need your picture ID.  No fees are paid at the Testing Center (you will only pay any fees you would normally pay when you purchase your tests).

PROV, Inc. Testing

We now offer additional testing through PROV, Inc. Testers should first schedule and purchase their exam through PROV, Inc. While scheduling, testers should select Laramie County Community College as their testing location. They should follow all guidelines in the confirmation email they receive regarding check-in procedures and resources allowed, if any. All PROV, Inc. tests will be administered at the Cheyenne Campus, Pathfinder Building, Room 119.